Posted by: Vicky | October 16, 2010

funny how 10 degrees can make a diference…

I was happy as a clam when the temperatures were hovering around 25 F, even if the skies were overcast. Now the temperatures are dipping down into the teens, huge difference. The cold is really unpleasant, stings my nose when I inhale and its just going to get colder. Speaking of noses have had a runny nose for a couple of weeks, adjusting to the cold I guess. Strep and a stomach flu seem to be making the rounds among the students. So over all cannot complain too much.
Today is really nice out, its about 22 with clear skies. Even with the cold, clear days make things so much better. A few days ago saw some kids sledding on the hill with the Halloween decorations. Was talking to someone from an area outside of Fairbanks, they hitch sleds to snowmobiles to take children trick or treating up here, different take on the tradition. One of the things I miss most is passing out candy with Marilyn and Snickers, no children at Cutler last year and this year I live in a building with a locked entrance. So most likely no trick or treaters.

As an aside this would drive Noel nuts, I am listening to music on computer with the TV while writing this post. Have a linguistic midterm I need to finish and as always statistics to study. Hope the pictures are enjoyable.

View from my window

patch of black ice


halloween decorationsmore light snow cover

Posted by: Vicky | October 13, 2010

The snow is sticking…

We had out first quasi substantial snow of the season. Not a great deal of snow but enough for kids to be sledding. With that comes the ice coated sidewalks and roads, black ice its not just for driving on. Getting so I can tell when a street has black ice and when it does not, have had slips but no falls. Getting acclimated again, its 20 out and I can leave my apartment in just a light jacket and a scarf, if its breezy. Crashed and burned on first stats test, completely blanked on frequency tables and histograms. Talked to the professor about extra homework and practice problems to get this under my belt better, said there was nothing at the moment but there will be some coming up, we shall see. Turned in my first paper for the year for zooarch, get those back at the end of the month. Think it was a decent paper, 7 pages on owl limpets, really neat invertebrate. Linguistics is going ok, we are getting out take home midterms tomorrow. Going to go read on sampling probability. Will take some pictures this weekend and post them as well.

Posted by: Vicky | October 2, 2010

Mussings and missing Snickers

Reached a new low in missing Snickers. Was driving, pulled over and parked so I could pet a berner. He was a great looking dog, really cute and friendly. First one that I have seen up here. The owner got him from a breeder in North Pole, he looked in great shape. Sigh, miss Snickers. Looks like I am going to start dog stalking again, will know condition is serious if I start haunting the dog walking trails.

One thing I have noticed about the families up is the large size. At the store it is not uncommon to see families with three of four children, all under the age of 10. Perhaps it is the military families, but even at home they did not seem that large. There are two high schools in town, do not know the number of elementary or junior high schools. Oh and there is one catholic school, K-12.

Weather is still nice. A few nippy days but today the temperature was in the mid-fifties. Even in the thirties I am only in one of Noel’s hoodies. Waiting for the cold weather to hit. Will most likely set up my happy light and start using that now so it becomes part of my routine and can avoid the doldrums that hit with the approaching darkness. Well off to study stats….

Posted by: Vicky | September 25, 2010

Nanook Traditions and sunset and moon rise

Starvation Gulch is a University of Alaska, Fairbanks tradition and dates to 1923. The bonfires symbolize the passing of the touch of knowledge to new students. The name refers to the original settlers of Fairbanks. A drunken brawl at the celebration in 1956 led to a 16 year alcohol ban at the university. It is a nice tradition and brings the entire campus and community together.


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Winter will soon be upon Fairbanks

Spoke to a friend who spoke with a researcher in the Arctic Institute. He mentioned that Fairbanks is going to be experiencing a number of days with -30 temperatures. The weather is turning chilly, it was 37, which in and of itself is not all that bad, but combined with a steady wind it is unpleasant. Went to the Bad girls of the North craft fair, was disappointing. Everything was outrageously expensive, glass pendants $39.00, glass masks $225, embossed cards $25. The merchandise from last year seemed far more interesting. It was a craft fair and they were selling sweaters made in Thailand, for $90. I admit a little fixated on the prices but living up here will cause that reaction.
Classes are going ok. Stats is taking up a great deal of time, other classes are interesting. Bead project stated today, the notation is different in the catalogs from what I considered normal. Going to create an Excel sheet to record the data. Ideally creating a standardized format for future researchers. Going to start studying.

Posted by: Vicky | September 17, 2010

You know you are in Alaska when…

Every gas station has the same price, $3.52 for unleaded
Milk cost over $6.00 a galleon, (organic)
Its 35 out and you think its slightly cold (real Alaskans are still in shorts at that temperature)
Political poster do not mention party just the persons name
People discuss hunting in the course of common conservations and during class lectures
Lettuce from the grocery store only last 2/3 days without turning brown
Dentists work three days a week and earn 400K, as told to me by another student
The number of music stations is pretty equally matched with the number of Christian stations
The oldies station plays Brittany Spears
Drinking is considered a recreational sport

Posted by: Vicky | September 11, 2010

Delta is known for its meat products

Went to the Tanana’s Valley Farmer’s market this morning. Had the best cheese burger ever! The patty was the best tasting, juiciest hamburger I have had. Delta Meat and Sausage supplied the beef for the booth at the market. Not only do they supply regular meat products they also sell buffalo, yak, elk and reindeer. So anyone visiting I can arrange for you to try a variety of game animals (may be bringing smoked meat products home for Christmas). Apparently Delta Junction is known for its meat products and processing. I know a number of hunters that bring their game there for processing (?). Bought the best tasting raspberry jam, ironically from a farmer out of Delta. She also had the strangest looking vegetable I had ever seen, its the green pointy thing ( a cross between broccoli and cauliflower). It did not look like the cross we have at home. Spoke to a woman baker up here and you can sell homemade breads at farmers and local markets, forms are on line (Noel that information is for you). The weather is still nice. Classes are going, the zoo arch class is the only one I feel comfortable in at the moment. Also taking graduate stats again and a class dealing with the origins of language (I am sooo not a linguist). Settling into the apartment and trying to keep myself organized. Apparently the weather is warmer than usual. And no I have not seen the aurora.

Posted by: Vicky | August 31, 2010

Back in the dog sled again…

Back in Fairbanks for another school year. Intimated by what I need to accomplish this semester: thesis; graduate level stats; 2 other classes and starting my bead analysis. Moved into new place Harwood, see posted pictures. Getting settled in the study crypt, so christened by Noel, does not offer any space to spread out so working on lap top in the living room. Also no bookcases that can handle my larger texts. Just bought the books for the stats class, $211.00, hope the others are less expensive. Taking zooarch and a class that looks at science fiction through the lens of evolution, ie are some of the characters in sci-fi plausible based on what we know about evolution. Weather is nice, in the mid 50’s most days. Apartment heats up to 80 with the heater off and the windows shut, not sure why that happens. A little concerned about the windows being open at night when asleep, apartment is situated close to one of the main roads off campus. Back to shopping at Walmart and Fred Meyers. Trying to get out and enjoy the nice weather while its still here. And a final plea visitors would be nice this winter…oh and those are Noel’s root beer bottles on the top of the fridge.

nice photo form Noel

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A new post!

Things have been a little hectic with school. Actually took time yesterday to drive out to Denali to snowshoe. The drive was really fun, listened and sang along to a classic radio station. There really is not much there. the tourist place just outside was completely abandoned, everything was boarded up and the street lights were covered. Looks like it is a really happening place in the summer. Building and hotels looks gorgeous. The park is really cool and the learning center is really well done. The park supplies free snowshoes, so it did not cost anything other than gas money. We went on one of the simpler trails, it was close to the road. My moose replant is still in full force, seems to be for all animals except squirrels (of which we saw one). Anca, one of my roommates, got called into work so we had to leave early. Hoping to go again next weekend and snowshoe out to one of the lakes.
Got a text last night at 1:30 that the aurora was out. So get out of bed, put my shoes on and trudge up to the parking lot. Yeah no aurora, so trudge down to the road…no aurora. Was contemplating getting in my car and driving to a poorly let area but then realized its 1:30 AM. Trudge back to room and go to sleep. When I talk to people that have been here a while they all say its been slow for the past few years but should pick up soon, we shall see.
If I get out to Denali next weekend will take pictures and post.

Posted by: Vicky | March 1, 2010

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